June – dry weather challenge

We’ve been collecting weather data here for a decade using Davis instruments, which have proved to be robust and reliable.  From May 9th to June 1st we had a total of 5mm of rain. That was followed by no more rain until June 9th when we recorded less than 1mm.  Fortunately, we had deployed a good amount of drip hose fed by our own well which meant our in-ground cut flowers were not unduly stressed.  Potted perennials for our online sales were a different matter: we were hand watering for a couple of hours a day minimum and, of course, glasshouse and polytunnel watering is a daily requirement as well – regardless of weather.  Things are better as of today (June 27th) with 45mm precipitation recorded month to date, and more to come. (Update: Total rainfall for June was 48.2mm)

But the birds had a ball…Bird Bath!

Below: photo from a happy customer!

IMG 9037

Location: Perryville House, Kinsale

Arranger: Marta

Photo: Andrew

Flowers: Tantalus Plant Nursery & Flower Farm, Kinsale

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